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Amazing jet-powered truck drag races plane in flight at over 300mph

There are drag races, and then there's this. Only in America, baby!

2y ago

It doesn’t matter if you’re from Nevada or North Korea, the following video is enough to unleash your inner redneck from the cage of social acceptability. It’s enough to make you yell “YEEHAW” and “God bless America”, while burning through the majority of the world’s fuel supply for nothing more than your own petulant entertainment.

Credit: shockwavejettruck.com

Credit: shockwavejettruck.com

While the front end of this truck may hint at its Peterbilt previous life, there is no getting away from its current identity. Going by the name of Shockwave, it is quite simply the fastest full sized truck on Earth. Using 3 jet engines that combine to produce over 36000 horsepower, this truck has been clocked at 376mph!!

All that power also results in awesome acceleration. With the afterburners on all 3 jets ignited, this truck will run the quarter mile in a breathtaking 6.63 seconds!! Try living with that, Mr. Hennessey!

Naturally then, should the owner of this crazy vehicle feel inclined to race it, a worthy challenge will not come from much else on wheels. In fact, the more interesting way of finding something capable of racing the Shockwave is to look to the sky!

Bring on a plane! A North American T-6 Texan to be precise. With a top speed of 208mph, there’s no way this plane would stand a chance against the truck in a conventional drag race. So, not only does the plane get a “flying” start with the truck stationary, but it also commences that flying start by diving from altitude in order to eek as much speed as possible. The result can be viewed below by skipping to 2 minutes 20 in the video.

With flames shooting out of the back, the truck accelerates to 344.7mph in what seems like the blink of an eye. Skimming the underside of the plane as it walks passed, resulting in the pilot pulling up to escape the clouds of pollution that would otherwise encompass it. From my perspective, it’s one of the greatest races I’ve ever seen.

But what do you guys think about it? Did you find it exciting, or do you require an explosion or three to really get you going? Let me know in the comments.

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Written by: Angelo Uccello

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Comments (4)

  • I've witnessed Shockwave doing a quarter mile here in Canada. The heat that comes off that thing from the test burn is crazy. I was a good 125-150 feet away and to its side (not behind) and I wanted to start walking away it's was so toasty.

      2 years ago
  • The best race I've seen is the mustang Vs Mini race . But that jet truck was faster way faster lol

      2 years ago
  • Its cute. try a 1950s chevy turned into a rocket truck going up against an f18 hornet, that was wicked. source: 2018 Cold Lake airshow, Alberta Canada. not just in america boys and girls ;)

      2 years ago
  • This is the most pointless race /truck modification I've ever seen in my life, I LOVE IT!!!! What fresh madness is this😂😂

      2 years ago