Amazon just ordered 100,000 electric vans from EV start-up, Rivian

This, alongside a huge £350million investment

1y ago

If I asked you to tell me everything you know about EV start-ups, Rivian; you more than likely would not have too much to say before whipping out your phone and Googling them. For this you can't be blamed.

Rivian are relatively new to the EV scene but they have a very clear vision. Founded in 2009 they believe that exploring the world can be done by anyone, but without it impacting on our environment. With this philosophy the fledgling manufacturer is planning to build its own range of fully electric 4x4 explorers called the R1 SUV and R1T pick-up.

Recently internet retailing giant Amazon invested £350million as part of a £544million investment round into Rivian and now alongside this they have placed the biggest ever electric delivery vehicle order.

By 2021 Rivian will begin the production process of 100,000 Amazon delivery vans, with the aim to have at least 10,000 on the road by 2022. Then, the full balance of the order is hoped to be completed by 2030. A spokesperson from Amazon said that the investment and EV van order would “accelerate the production of electric vehicles critical to reducing emissions from transportation".

This would appear to be a very smart idea for Amazon, who have have been looking to find a new more environmentally friendly way of delivering our goods for quite a while now. As cities across the globe begin to introduce low emission zones and raising the cost of fuel, the all new Rivian-built EV delivery vans will have no problem with these changes and the retailer can continue bringing goods to our door without it impacting our world.

What do you think?

Is this a good move by Amazon? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Comments (62)

  • Welp, there's gonna be a reason your package is running late. The battery died on the highway.

      1 year ago
  • This seems risky on Amazon's part... Rivian have yet to prove themselves

      1 year ago
    • My thoughts exactly, I hadn't heard of them before I started researching their website today! I have to admit though, I quite like the look of their pick-up truck! On their website it says it'll have up to 650hp!!!

        1 year ago
    • Their cars are cool, but their not the first EV company that comes out of nowhere with big claims that it can't achieve

        1 year ago
  • I think it's a really great idea and I hope it works out, or at least it be the start of something. It's bold of Amazon to go for it! When a giant like that starts something, maybe others will follow. And maybe Rivian will work really hard on providing better and better trucks for Amazon.

      1 year ago
    • I agree. Luckily, the trend already exist, UPS and FedEx have placed orders for EVs over the last few years. FedEx has even placed orders for Tesla's Electric Semi-Trucks.

        1 year ago
  • I was quite impressed the first time I laid eyes on that pick-up truck. Especially with the special boot behind the rear doors. Very eager to see where Rivian will be in a couple of years.

      1 year ago
  • Meanwhile in Japan they'll continue using the Toyota Hiace for the next two decades.

      1 year ago