A​mazon makes huge automotive push at CES with Alexa Auto

A​mazon is now aiming to do a little more than just deliver packages, with their smart assistant Alexa Auto

1y ago

C​ES is the annual technology conference hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada and often sees some of the year's greatest tech innovations come to life. It mostly plays host to new smart phones and most notable TVs, however, this year Amazon have decided to give it an automotive spin.

E​arlier today Amazon announced their plans to push their Alex Auto smart-assistant into new realms. Alexa Auto is said to run on the wildly successful Echo platform, and the new version will see a lot of upgraded functionality.

A​mazon has been growing Alexa Auto for a number of years now with many manufacturers such as GM committing to integrating Alexa Auto into all of their vehicles by 2018. Amazon went on to say that its automotive Echo smart device will be launched internationally this year, first coming to India this month and rolling out to Europe sometime in February.

T​he Seattle-based company also mentioned that the electric truck maker Rivian would ship with Alexa functionality built in. Joining manufacturers such as Lamborghini who have begun fitting Alexa to some of their cars such as the new Huracan Evo.


And if that has whetted your appetite for an Alexa Echo, you can pick one up from Amazon right here.

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