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Amazon Offers More of the Boys than you Might Know

1y ago


So you can’t wait for the upcoming release of The Grand Tour Season 2? Neither can the staff here at GT Nation! The excitement is palpable and you can almost feel it in the air like static electricity during a thunderstorm!

If the suspense is killing you as well, and you’re slapping the inside of your elbow like a junky in need of a fix… then you just might want to know where to go to get a little entertainment relief before you start driving your friends and family nuts by pacing back and forth in front of the computer like a mad man!

Addiction via the Genetic Literacy Project

If you have Amazon Prime, and we know you do, you just might be surprised to learn how many shows featuring the Boys the service actually has to offer. In fact, there are more than enough hours of entertainment featuring the trio available on Amazon to take care of your addiction between now and December 8th, when Season 2 of the Grand Tour is released!

Of course, some of you will complain that this article is just blatant marketing for Amazon, and perhaps it is. The fact is, it is money that got the Grand Tour produced, and it is the money that the show generates that will keep it in production. I for one am very glad that Amazon has produced the Grand Tour and I show them my gratitude by regularly using their services.

Amazon Prime

You’ll be amazed by the fine current line-up of shows featuring the Boys that is on offer and included with your Amazon Prime membership:

The Grand Tour Season 1 - 2016

Top Gear: The Perfect Road Trip - 2013

Top Gear (UK) Specials - 2007

Richard Hammond’s Crash Course Season 1 – 2012

Richard Hammond’s Crash Course Season 2 - 2012

Richard Hammond’s How to Build a Planet - 2013

Richard Hammond Meets Evel Knievel - 2007

James May’s Cars of the People – 2014

James May at the Edge of Space – 2009

Top Gear (UK) Series 2 to 18

James May's Cars of the People via BBC

Note: Some countries may have a different line-up of shows than what is currently available here in America.

For the connoisseur, the following offerings of the Boys are available for affordable rental or purchase, beyond what is offered for free with your Amazon Prime membership:

The Jeremy Clarkson Collection Season 1 - 2015

James May’s Cars of the People, Season 2 – 2016

James May’s Man Lab Season 2 – 2011

James May’s 20th Century Season 1 – 2007

James May’s Build a Car in 24 Hours – 2016

Richard Hammond's Crash Course via BBC

The bottom line is that Amazon offers more than enough shows featuring Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond, to satisfy anyone’s car show habit. So, if you simply can’t wait for Season 2 of the Grand Tour to premiere on December 8th, just log in to your Amazon account and click on any of the amazing shows featuring our beloved trio and enjoy!