Amazon Wants Former Top Gear Presenters To Commentate On Premier League Games

Will we watch the Football because there we can see our favorite presenters?

Unique news from Amazon ... Now in the new year, perhaps from automobile enthusiasts, we will become fans of football. Because it is Jeremy, Richard and James, known as fans of the game of football, who can become commentators on matches broadcast on Amazon. And of course, after this event, football will cease to be the same ... A boring and a bit aggressive game of black and white ball.

Football will turn into an exciting event, full of adventure, jokes and subtly marked moments! I wonder how they handle this Threesome? It is most interesting to see their work together. Football promises to be a real fun and interesting event for many who have never even watched it before ... And for those who attend every match, this is really a Grand event in life that cannot be missed.

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Amazon has hilariously teased the idea of getting former Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May back together to do Premier League commentary.

Prime Video won a broadcasting package for the Premier League this season and is showing nine matches on Boxing Day.

And Clarkson took to Twitter to praise Amazon for streaming the football and saying that it is "so obviously the way forward."

The 59-year-old columnist tweeted: "This Amazon Prime football thing is so obviously the way forward. And so many employment opportunities for pundits."

The Prime Video Twitter account wasted no time in responding to Clarkson and suggested it was time to bring the band back together.

Amazon tweeted: "Next time, how about a commentary option featuring Clarkson, Hammond & May?!"

Fans have instantly warmed up to the idea and called on Amazon to make it happen for the following season.

Twitter user Eoin posted: "would honestly be the greatest thing ever."

While another user argued: "Yes!! Please buy all the football rights."

A third fan said: "That would be awesome."

And Twitter user PJ added: "I'd watch that and I don't watch football."

Amazon showed Premier League fixtures earlier this month and left a lasting impression on fans.

Fans were quick to praise Prime Video for the ability to access the stadium atmosphere over commentary.

And the video-streaming platform also allows fans to access stats, highlights and line-ups on the right-hand side of the screen while matches are going on.

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  • Oh cock 😮

    I’d watch it 😁

      1 year ago
  • It would make football more interesting

      1 year ago
  • Hell yeah

      1 year ago
  • I’d watch soccer/football then but I’m more of an AFL fan however

      1 year ago
  • I will start following football then!

      1 year ago