Amazon will now deliver an Alfa Romeo to your door

39w ago


Long gone are the days of having to make your own way to a showroom to test drive a new car. Alfa Romeo has partnered up with online shopping giant, Amazon to deliver the new Stelvio directly to your door.

In an attempt to showcase Alfa Romeo's first ever SUV, Amazon customers will be offered to chance to test drive the Stelvio for 45 minutes, without having to pop down to the nearest dealership. Customers can chose a specific time and date to best suit them, but spaces are limited.

The Stelvio starts at £36,990

A Stelvio specialist will accompany the customer during the 45-minute test drive and will be at hand to answer any questions, and to also show you what button does what. If the customer wishes to buy the car, they'll even cart you off to the nearest dealership.

Dates for test drives

For London, you can choose from the 24th or 25th November , 1st or 2nd December, 8th or 9th December or the 15th or 16th December.

For Birmingham, it's the 1st or 2nd of December. People in Manchester have the choice of either the 8th or 9th December, and people in Edinburgh can choose from the 15th or 16th December.

What are you waiting for?

The Stelvio is Alfa's hot-SUV that's capable of tackling some of the most demanding roads, whilst being quick, yet comfortable.

Use the link below if you fancy booking a test drive in the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio: