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#ambassador for mag entries! for muscle cars?


Dr Gunk posted in TGZ
3y ago

The new concept trials for posting pics in certain chats to be considered for mags should be changed to what I have started doing, which is have your own ambassador tag in your tribe and ask everyone to use that tag if they want there pic/vid to be considered to be added to the mag!

Then there is no need for leutenants to keep a look out! The ambassador can gain access straight away to their location under the #ambassador hashtag.

Overloading chats with endless pics will destroy the chat room as we know it on here!

Can you see that it's the easiest and most obvious option? That each ambassador dedicates a hashtag on his/her tribe and everyone posts the mag entries to that hashtag, job done! Not rocket science is it!?



So if you want your muscle car pics/vids to be considered for drivetribes Official Muscle Cars Magazine, add the #ambassador hashtag in Extreme Gunk Mag, as I am a Muscle Cars Ambassador, even though my pack got lost in the post apparently lol & still waiting for the replacement to arrive!

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