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Ambassador guidelines: Selecting content for promotion

1y ago


A big part of the Ambassadors 2.0 plan is for you guys to be selecting the best content from across DriveTribe and reposting it into the relevant ambassador tribes that you will help populate.

The idea behind this is to surface the best content being created by the community to the users, which simply allows the best content to get the biggest audience.

If a user likes a post by a particular poster/tribe, they can then follow that tribe, which should mean that the best tribe leaders and content creators get rewarded with bigger followings.

You will then select posts from these reposts to populate your relevant DriveTribe community Facebook page (if you are helping to run one).

So when you are browsing around the platform, here are some guidelines about the sort of content you should be looking to repost:

1. Does it make *you* want to click?

This is really the most important factor of all.

Does the post have an interesting angle or take? Does it contain beautiful photography or cleverly shot film? Does it have an attention-grabbing headline?

Really this simply means is the post something that you want to click on and read/watch/consume? If you do, the chances are others will too.

It doesn't have to be a totally professionally produced piece of content - a post by an enthusiastic user created with passion can be just as engaging as a piece by a professional or from an existing publisher or brand.

However, think about the form of the post: a single picture is unlikely to work as well as an article/video/beautiful image gallery.

Some good examples:


2. Is it likely generate a strong reaction?

Is it an opinion-led piece about a car/race/motoring issue that is likely to generate an emotional response among the readers and get them debating and commenting on the piece?

Will people strongly agree/disagree with the headline/main point of the piece? That is often indicative of content that will do well.

Some good examples:


3. Is it timely?

Pretty self-explanatory: if there is a big car show on (for example SEMA this week) and you see a great post about it, now is the time to repost and promote.

Same applies to new car launches, races, and so on.

For example:


4. is it well presented?

A piece with a great header image is likely to get far more engagement than one without.

For example:


5. Is it unique to DriveTribe?

Original content is always better to promote than rewrites of other pieces.


Please don't repost promote or encourage content that:

- You suspect has been reproduced on DriveTribe without the original author/photographer/creator's permission.

- Is inappropriate for a family audience.

Final point

This idea behind this is to surface a wide range of the best DriveTribe content to the users. It is not simply about reposting your own content. It is fine to repost something you have posted yourself, but excessive self-promotion is not what this is about. Good luck everyone!

PS: If you can work out why I've used the white car above as the header image for this post, congratulations, you are a true car nerd.

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