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3y ago

Over the next week Ambassadors will be granted special privileges on DriveTribe to promote posts and tribes. They will be selecting the best content on the platform for users to see in the Top Stories feed.

Why is this a good thing for Tribe Leaders?

For a long time is has been extremely difficult for Tribe Leaders to get promoted on DriveTribe. This is because our machine selected the most popular articles to show to users which created a Catch 22 - to be seen by more users your post and tribe needed to already be popular.

In the new world, Ambassadors for each content area (JDM, Performance Cars, Classics, etc.) will select the best posts to get promoted on Drivetribe.

How will I know who an Ambassador is?

Ambassadors will have a special badge next to their name

Will Ambassadors be able to promote on social media?

Yes, they will have new Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to promote DT content.

What is the plan with "Magazines"?

There will be a new magazine-style design for Tribes coming soon but we are not renaming Tribes to Magazines.

Will this improve content on DriveTribe?

The new user experience on DriveTribe has not always delivered high quality content. The Ambassadors will be looking for the best posts and these are the posts new users will see. If the user wants to then discover other types of content on DriveTribe then they can.

If my posts are not selected by an Ambassador should I give up and go home?

Not at all. Ambassadors will be looking for up-and-coming tribes and also looking for awesome posts. In the future you will also be able to send private chat messages using DT Chat to ask an Ambassador to review your tribe and posts.

What else will an Ambassador do?

When we move to Tribe Creation being something that people request rather than being able to do it without being reviewed, Ambassadors will be deciding which new tribes make the grade to join DriveTribe.

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  • I hope the wine was good! Red? Looking forward to this new chapter in DRIVETRIBE's history.

      3 years ago
  • Thanks for all the explanation. The video was very helpful. In theory, it sounds very good. Looking forward to see how it works out in real life.

      3 years ago