Ambassadorship Announcement!

Spotting is now on Facebook!!!! Your spot may get promoted! Find out how!!!

3y ago

Hello tribe members of Cars of the Rising Sun! I am happy to announce that I was chosen to be one of the spotting ambassadors on Drivetribe! Now one of my duties is to find quality spots on all spotting tribes including this one and to promote and share them on Facebook so you and the tribe could get more publicity and get more views, bumps, etc!

Now as a Drivetribe spotting ambassador, I will have to be fair as to what content I choose to promote. Here are some simple suggestions to get your post noticed and promoted:

- Post is well thought out -Should be more than just a picture -Photo Story or Article format may increase chances of being noticed -Overall, original and creative content to complement the spot

Now, this is not a contest and there are no winners and losers as we are here to have fun. If you put some thought into your posts there may be a higher chance to get noticed and promoted! Have fun and go out and get them spots guys!

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