Ambition in economy

Thrills, nostalgia, and adventure on a shoe string.

Many yearn for the glamorous life with exotic vehicles in exotic locales. Let us be realistic. A large portion of the population is unable to obtain a vintage Lamborghini and blast down the Swiss Alps, myself included. As a child who lived well below the poverty line, I learned how to stretch a dollar as far as it would go. While I was lacking in finance, I had a surplus of gumption. I wanted to go on adventures, I wanted to see exciting places, I wanted to drive invigorating machines, to do this, I needed to be economically savvy. As an adult, my gumption has made me a man of means. Yet, I still spend as though I have only a fistful of dollars. This has led to a taste for the best bang for the buck.

Ambition in Economy is all about the maximum amount of fun and ingenuity with the minimum amount of financial investment. Here, we will cover frugal projects,

budget travel in budget machines,

factory performance for the proletariat,

and how to make affordable modifications with scrounging and creativity.

I like to scrape the bottom of the barrel and stretch my creativity to build, drive, and travel like the bourgeoisie. I do it in hopes to inspire others to build skills and taste ambition despite carrying a small pocketbook. It does not take boat loads of money to collect memories, experiences, and stories. The wealthiest among us is resplendent in all three.

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  • Wesley, your tribe is one of my favourites. I love the name, the tag line, and the posts, this one in particular. Here's a 'real' tribe, with passion and wit. Great ! Keep going.

    Glad to see and meet a few women here too. Women and wheels, it's a match made in heaven =:-]]

      4 years ago
  • Thanks! I love seeing more women enthusiasts! I feel they have a much more fun and relaxed perspective than some men. I am glad my fiancé also shares the same interests. I never have to rationalize bringing home a new project.

      4 years ago