American Cars are fundamentally different

Not necessarily better or worse, but very different. Here are my purely observational opinions on the matter

Today (21st October 2021), Carwow uploaded a review of the Cadillac Escalade and it got me thinking. This car would never really sell in Britain or the wider European continent. It's frankly unEuropean but is very American. Now, this doesn't mean the car is good or bad but it's more to do with characteristics.

In essence a lot of the cars sold in the US wouldn't scratch the surface in terms of sales in Europe and vice versa. Now, that's not to say every car made by the Americans wouldn't pass muster over here, but a large portion certainly wouldn't.

I think a large part of this is because the car culture is different. I'm getting quite vague here, perhaps. In the US, fuel is markedly cheaper than in Europe. Roads are also wider due to historical and geographical reasons. Roads were designed with the car in mind in America whilst in Europe, roads evolved and were made for horse and cart initially, so are a lot narrower, plus there are more geographical obstacles especially in smaller countries like the UK.

An example of a narrow country lane in England

An example of a narrow country lane in England

So, in the US - fuel is cheaper and roads are wider, so cars can be much thirstier and larger. This means (up to a point) that cars made for an American market are not compatible with a European market. I've heard several Americans mention which brilliant cars (which we see a lot of in Europe) aren't sold in the US. In essence, this is because of a car culture difference. Demand is different and the two markets for the most part, aren't aligned. Yes, there are exceptions and there are cars you will see in both markets but there is clearly a big difference between the two markets.

Anyway those are my thoughts. Thank you for reading and comment your thoughts down below!

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  • A good content creator responds to his comments.

      1 month ago
    • This may surprise you, but responding to your comments was not at the top of my to-do list

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    • I've looked at your other posts. You never respond to people who comment on them.

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  • If your roads are so small, then why are Range Rovers so popular?

      1 month ago