American Horsepower VS Horsepower VS Brake Horsepower

Why are there different types of horsepower and how do they differ from each other

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Horsepower is the measurment of strong/fast the engine is in a car. The more the horsepower the faster the engine can rotate. Then other factors like wieght and drag slow the car down. But, the general idea is that if a car has a more horsepower engine, it should be fast.

Brake Horsepower

Horsepower is the raw engine power, but by the time this power is transfered to the wheels, some of it is lost. This is when brake horsepower is acurate. Brake horsepower is the power that is given to the wheels, when they Engine is at max revs and at the highest gear.

American HP VS HP

The reson why American horsepower and horsepower are 2 different terms are becasue of the measuring unit. American do not use the metric measuring unit, while most of Europe used it. So, when cars were invented the Europians used their scale to measure the power of car. While the US had their own ways. So, the American horsepower was invented.

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