- 1990 Chevrolet Beretta GTZ *Image Courtesy: Consumerguide & GM Corp. Chevrolet Division

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The '90 Beretta GTZ had enough reasons to be praised....and still does.

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Aerodynamically formed ground effects seemingly taken and shrunken from the IROC-Z, 16 inch wheels with grippy Goodyears, 5 speed manual box, 180 actual horsepower, all while compact and fuel savvy enough to make the astoundingly fun daily driver. For 1990 Chevrolet threw the coolest blueprints at their little Beretta to earn it respect among a larger crowd. V8 muscle was heating up again and while Chrysler Corporation had been chin deep in the four and six cylinder performance hassle, General Motors aimed to enter the nineties with a bigger bang for everyone's buck.

Like just about every GM product produced from this era, the bang stopped at engine, transmission, and suspension components as interior plastics are prone to creaking, rattling, and eventually just falling off. They kept everything pretty basic Beretta aside from beefier seats. Even so, those front seats still afforded room for adult passengers in the rear which is something Camaro could only advertise. Still respectable today is fuel economy that can be had deep into the 20s if driven sensibly. The engine though, stands strongest in the GTZ's corner. Borrowed from Oldsmobile, the 2.3 liter Quad Four served valiantly as a battle for supremacy over quality imports raged forward.

Unfortunately it doesn't do much good when the soldiers show up when the opposition is already raising their flag on your turf. If you worked for GM, the Quad Four was worth kissing snakes and lighting circles of candles around the floor in praising thanks to a Sun God. If you worked for (insert brand here), you were slowly backing out of the room before the ritual broke whispering on the way out, "We've been doing this for years and never did that."

But, maybe GM just had the satisfaction of finding their formula. It's like that smart friend who watches you do your homework and is frustrated watching you struggle because they just want to go loiter behind the bowling alley until dinner so they just about spit the answer on your paper before you stop them. You say, "You leave if you want to, but I'm going to solve this my way." And hours later you do, late for the main party, but still there to enjoy what quality company has stuck around. You're friend is a little perturbed by your tardiness since they bummed a ride in Mom's brown Plymouth Horizon.

You though, got to carve a new path in the new for '90 Beretta GTZ.


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  • Hate Chevy, but can’t help it, it doesn’t look bad. Zippy budget hoonmobile turned budget redneck booze cruiser though. A typical ending for a cheap Chevy. Z24 Cavalier where you at?

      9 months ago
  • So cool

      9 months ago
  • I want one

      9 months ago
  • Hey, hey you. Come here. You wanna buy some more crack?

      9 months ago