American Taycan owners to get free charging

1w ago


The Porsche Taycan has been one of the most anticipated cars for a few years now, and its recent launch did nothing to calm the hype. In fact, this month’s launch of the Taycan Turbo and Turbo S has made most car fans realise just how bright the future is.

Despite the love the new EV is receiving, Porsche seems to think it needs to go the extra mile to get its more stubborn potential customers interested in the electrical future.

In fact, the German company announced today that, thanks to a deal with Electrify America, Taycan owners will get unlimited free charging for three years. This will provide owners with unlimited access to the nearly 500 charging stations across the United States including the 300 highway stations and 184 stations in metropolitan areas.

Electrify America provides 30-minute long charges for its customers, which may not sound like very long. However, its rumoured that the Taycan can achieve 60 miles out of just four minutes on a fast charger. This is thanks to the new car’s unique 350kW batteries.

The announcement comes after Porsche invested $70 million in Electrify America, helping them expand their charging infrastructure. Alongside the wide array of charging stations in the wild, Porsche is planning on installing fast chargers at every single dealership in the country. That’s over 190 chargers.

Unfortunately for people that don’t spend their time herding cattle, the offer will only be offered to Porsche’s American customers. In fact, there isn’t a major charging company in Europe meaning it would take a lot of work for Porsche to draw up this kind of deal closer to home.

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