Americans are the worst drivers in the world - according to the British

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I ran a poll recently on DriveTribe asking people from around the world which country they think is the worst at driving.

I gave 20 options, which were a selection of countries which own the most cars in the world, the list included the likes of America, the UK, Italy, Australia, China, India and Canada.

When you take the overall results, China comes in as the worst nation of drivers according to the rest of the world, with 31% of the votes.

The USA doesn't fare much better in 2nd place, with 30% of the votes, and India comes 3rd with 11% of the votes.

But the results become a lot more interesting when you break them down country by country - allowing you to see which nations think which other nations are terrible at driving.

When DriveTribe asked Britons who they think the worst drivers in the world are, 34% of them said that Americans are the worst - by far and away the top answer among Brits.

That’s not the opinion of DriveTribe founder and Grand Tour presenter James May though, who commented:

“It’s the Channel Islanders. Bloody lunatics.”

Thanks, James.

(For those of you who don't know, the Channel Islands are a collection of small islands between the UK and France).

Perhaps surprisingly, China was the next highest answer among Brits, with 22%, followed by India on 13%.

Over 2,600 people were surveyed by DriveTribe - the social network for car enthusiasts. With responses coming in from all around the world.

It seems people over the pond actually agree with the British, with 26% of Americans saying they think Americans are the worst drivers in the world. They seem to think the Brits are pretty good though, with only 1.5% of Americans saying the British are the worst drivers.

The worst drivers in the world, according to the British

1) United States

2) China

3) India

4) Russia

5) Germany

The worst drivers in the world, according to everyone:

1) China

2) United States

3) India

4) Russia

5) Japan

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