Americans Love Max

2y ago


Max makes other drivers nervous. I think that's the best quality an F1 pilot can have.

Let's be honest; Formula One can stand to be more exciting to the average fan. Not only have F1 ratings been floundering in mediocrity these last couple of seasons, the racing has continued to be the single-file train car procession that is has come to be. It's like watching a funeral procession, but with the video running at 4x speed. Sure, there's the occasional car failure, more prominent tire (spelled correctly...) failure, and pitstop strategy that shuffle the numbers on the leader board from time to time. But the truth of the matter is, there is not the action on the track that promoters and fans want to see.

In opposition to the prominent thought of the more sophisticated continentals, Americans do not watch F21 just for the crashes (that's what we have NASCAR for...). But we do watch because we want to see genuine racing. And praise God, Max has brought racing back to Formula One!

Thank you Max, for going harder into the corners. Thank you for going so hard that (as Clarkson would say it) "ze German" gets so nervous he has to go talk to his paddock buddies and have them give you a good stern talking to. Since that wasn't enough Vettel had to whine to his ex-boss about you, and then his goob buddy Bernie to have the 'rules reviewed' and make an 'emphasis change' in order to slow you down. That said, Seb has the right to be nervous - because you're faster than him and he knows it.

Thank you Max for retraining these centipede like drivers that regardless of the "racing line", if another car is able to cip under/inside you going into the turn, that they no longer rule the corner. It's now owned by YOU. If another driver wants to control the corner, he needs to make you pass on the outside. As the famous Ayrton Senna once said to Sir Jackie, "If you no longer do for a gap that exists, you're no longer a racing driver."

Thank you Max, for showing the balance of the F1 drivers that they can get more out of their cars. That they can be more competitive than they are. That the old unwritten code that seems to mean that you need to get permission from a driver before an overtake, needs to go out the window with these stupid small tires that give little traction and are constantly failing, and fuel consumption regulations.

Most of all, thank you Max for HOPE. You have given us Americans hope that F1 can be competitive again, that it can be exciting racing.

We raise a Coors Light in your general direction, Max. When you're old enough, we'll even share a drink with you. Keep up the GREAT work.

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