- GT R is fantastic in snow!

AMG GT R Snow Fun! | VLOG

Shmeemobile or Snowmobile?

2y ago



My AMG GT R is no garage queen! When it snows and the GT R is sitting with winter tyres, it seems like the perfect opportunity to go ahead and see how it drives. Would you drive it whatever the weather?

Fitted with super wide Pirelli Sottozero Serie II tyres, the GT R was transported to Germany ahead of a few days of fun by Turbo Transport. Although the running in process is still underway which means a rev limit of 4,500rpm,that doesn't stop it being interesting to experience as we had out into the light snow in Frankfurt. In fact, the city hasn't seen weather like this for a few years so the opportunity for some special photos had to be leapt at. From there I went over to Klassikstadt to check out an automotive themed Christmas Market too.

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