AMG Kit Mercedes-Benz GLA: Jaw-droppingly Impressive Price Tag

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Back in 2015, Mercedes-Benz decided to create something rather beautiful, they decided to marry the compact nature of the A-class hatchback to their SUV’s aggressiveness, to give birth to something extraordinary; the GLA series. This baby SUV or better categorized as a Crossover Utility Vehicle will give you a glimpse of Mercedes’ SUV range, the G-Class while being able to perform economically as your everyday city cruiser. And now, a little less than 5 years later, this mint condition GLA200 is sitting at Goldie Motors for less than half its original value.

The GLA in question is brought to life by a turbocharged 4-cylinder diesel that produces an impressive 134bhp and a truckload of torque, 300Nm to be precise. And, to create that bespoke Mercedes-Benz driving experience, the engine has been mated to a 7 speed, Automatic dual-clutch gearbox that can be controlled through paddle shifters once in sports mode. This gearbox will allow you to enjoy that massive torque experience at every spontaneous gear shift you make.

Much more than your standard A-class, this front-wheel-drive GLA has a ride height that gives you that dominating feel during city driving. But at the same time feels extremely planted when you put your foot down and do some high speeds cornering.

Now this particular GLA here at Goldie’s, has the AMG kit loaded; which means even more aggressive look as compared to the regular GLA. With its blacked-out rims, blacked-out rear spoiler and even blacked-out front grill, this GLA will ensure that all passing-by will stop and stare.

Coming inside, we have a few eye-catching elements that will remind you that this GLA is special. Starting with the AMG badge on the centre console, next, the AMG logo on the infotainment control nob and finally to top it all off, we have the red sporty glow encircling the aluminium turbine shaped AC air vents. All this comes together to result in what can only be described as German excellence.

For more information on this beautiful one-off GLA, with regards to it year of registration, kilometres run and its price here at Goldie, do have a look at the attached video😊

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Comments (2)

  • I like the GLA looks and it is good for Mumbai roads. However, the back leg-room is a tad too tight.

      1 year ago