An absolutely insane Patek Philipp concept

    (Of all brands)

    This absurd, space age-looking, look-at-me timepiece was designed by a brand you'd never ever guess much, much earlier than you think. As a watch enthusiast, if you presented me with a photograph of this watch, I'd tell you "easy, that's probably an Urwerk, or a Romain Jerome, or something like that. Designed somewhere between 2010 and 2020". Nope. Not even close.

    This is the Patek Philippe Cobra, a concept watch that Patek designed in 1958. There are so many things that make zero sense about this watch. First of all, Patek is a rather conservative watch manufacturer so you wouldn't expect them to even think about a watch that looks like that. Secondly, this futuristic-looking timepiece can easily fit the horological panorama of 2020 but it's much harder to imagine what that could've looked like in the 1950s.

    The Cobra was designed by Louis Cottier, the man who came up with the Patek Philippe World Time, and it featured two graduated linear openings showing the hour and minute markers sprinted on rollers.

    Patek only built one prototype (that we know of) but this model never made it into production because it wouldn't have been financially viable. The watch was made from gold and, of course, it is now impossible to find. Probably still in the hands of the Cottier family and priceless.

    50-odd years later, I guess the Urwerk UR-CC1 is probably the closest you can get to the design of the Cobra. And it is still a bit of a stretch to say that.

    What is the craziest watch you've ever seen/worn?

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