An accurate depiction

The 1966 GT40 MKII is my favourite car; I think it’s one of those objects that transcend their true nature and become part of our collective imaginary.

I´m not exaggerating , I think its shape embodies the racing car image up to a point that even someone who is watching it for the first time feels a great level of familiarity with its shape because it just fills the idea of a race car to an extend that to me as a designer is just unbelievable.

So in 2017 I made a model of a ford gt40 mkII as part of my project for the Michelin design challenge, the idea was to get a better understanding of the car as well as been able to get some cool shots of both: my version and the original Ford gt40 MkII

But considering the due date to finish the project was not so far away the time I was able to dedicate to finishing the 3d model for the MKII was not that great and off course I focused my efforts on developing my new 2030 version of the GT40.

In the end the results where decent and the objective fulfilled, but I was never happy with the accuracy of my model, I mean the GT40 MKII is my favourite car ever, it is the quintessence of racing cars, so now that I’m doing new videos for my youtube channel, I decided to do one performing both Gt40s but off course I needed to re work the original gt40 mkII model I made in order to honour this amazing car the right way.

that's actually my gt40 model overlay to a ferrari photo

This is almost the final result I will finish some small details and it will be uploaded to my channel in October don't forget to pass by here I leave you the link

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