An Ace in the Showroom: 1958 AC Ace with Bristol Engine Swap

Rare beauty spotted in a classic showroom.

4w ago

The Sports Car Shop in Eugene, OR is home to many of my car sightings. On my most recent visit, there was nothing of note in the parking lot.... but in the showroom, was this '58 AC Ace, owned by local car collector, heir & condominium developer Alex Haugland.

The lighting in this showroom is difficult to work with, but I got a nice set of photos nonetheless, and I found a video on this car's background & showing it in detail on the Vintage Underground Restorations YouTube channel.

This car was originally fitted with the circa 1919 AC 2-liter OHC six, but was later swapped to the BMW 328-based Bristol straight six, with the unique cylinder head design characteristic of the 328 engine, and which was used in the Arnolt-Bristol and a number of other British, Australian, Canadian and American race cars in the 50s/60s. And the body/chassis design were derived from a design by English race car builder Tojeiro, which itself copied it from the Ferrari 166 Barchetta design.

This car was very well restored by a Washington State restoration shop, and only one permanent modification was necessitated, that being the welding of one bracket to the frame.

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