An "Affordable" Nissan GT-R Is Here And It's Definitely The One You Want

It's called the GT-R Pure and it's the cheapest one you can get

3y ago

When the Nissan GT-R returned to the world back in 2008, it had a relatively modest ~$80,000 sticker price. With that price of admission you get a twin-turbo V-6 engine strapped to a quick dual clutch transmission and a clever ATTESA E-TS all-wheel drive system. It was a complete automotive package that can easily keep up with cars twice its price. The harsh reality was that almost no one was able to touch the GT-R for that low suggested retail price. The high demand, low quantity, and greedy dealers meant significant markups that pushed the price well to what we see today.

That Changes Now With The GT-R Pure... Hopefully

Before this announcement, the cheapest GT-R you can buy (outside of used ones, of course) was the GT-R Premium edition clocking in at $109,990, a big slap in the face of GT-R enthusiasts, and questions whether the GT-R is still a supercar bargain.

Now that all changes with the GT-R Pure as the MSRP has dipped below the magical six-figure mark at $99,990. That's a whole $9,500 cheaper than the 2018 model year Premium grade. With the GT-R Pure you WILL NOT get the Premium's 11-speaker Bose audio system, active noise cancellation and active sound enhancement systems, and the titanium exhaust system.

This Is The GT-R You Want

If you've ever driven a GT-R you know that this was a car made for the track. The comfort features like the sound system, the climate controls, the navigation, and sound deadening foamy bits are there to make the trip between your house and the racetrack just a bit more livable. When the road gets a bit rough and when you take it to the edge, you can sense the true nature of the GT-R trying to sneak its way out via rattles and sudden juts of acceleration.

The features added in the GT-R Premium try to hide the fact that the GT-R is a street beast. It's like giving a UFC fighter an ill-fitting tuxedo, so he can fit in a posh soiree that he never agreed to attend to. The added features just slow the GT-R down with extra pointless weight.

The GT-R Pure edition, however, will be the "pure" GT-R experience. A GT-R that brandishes all of the right equipment, like the 565 horsepower and 467 lb-ft of torque twin-turbo 3.8-liter V-6, without carrying all the extra junk.

Sub $100,000 Only In Spirit And Very Briefly

Unfortunately, and everyone of you reading this already know, the sub $100,000 MSRP excludes any sort of taxes, title, license fees and the often forgotten destination and handling charges, which in this case is a $1,695 fee. Let's also not forget that the dealer actually sets the price as the MSRP is purely just a "suggested" retail price.

I will predict that there will be significant markups still applied to these fantastic cars. Given that dealerships and dealers can sometimes be the scum of the earth, I suspect the markup on the cheaper Pure trims are going to be at higher margins than the more expensive trims, because they're evil.

Still, the GT-R Pure is going to be the cheapest GT-R you can buy in the upcoming 2018 lineup

GT-R Pure: $99,990

GT-R Premium: $110,490

GT-R Track Edition: $128,490

GT-R NISMO: $175,490

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