An African Car Company Tries to Take On The Cybertruck?

An African car company tries to take on the Cybertruck!

44w ago

Ever since November 21, 2019, when the Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled, many car manufacturers have tried to make a vehicle resembling it, such as Canoo, Rivian, GMC, and many more. Notice these three examples come from the United States. However, a startup company just came into the Cybertruck drama out of the blue... South Africa.

The car company in question is called Mazibuko Motors, founded in 2020, with a goal of seeing "Africa become a move away from internal combustion engine vehicles to clean battery-electric vehicles while creating a carbon zero energy system" and "build a fleet of locally manufactured smart, durable, and safe electric vehicles that helps us move away from use of fossil fuels and build a sustainable transport system."

Mazibuko Motors also develops their own vehicles, including their technology, like autonomous driving, battery storage, and power generation. This company actually seems like they have potential and are "legit." The thing is... do they have the money to compete with gigantic competition.

The truck/pickup truck you are seeing in the pictures is the M1B, the Cybertruck's competitor. Mazibuko Motors claim it goes from 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) in under five seconds, which is pretty impressive for a startup company.

Foxconn, the same company which manufactures Apple iPhones, has partnered with Mazibuko to develop an open-source EV platform, which means even if the M1B, for some reason doesn't make it to production, the company could still be successful as a parts supplier for others. Mazibuko Motors has also joined the MIH Alliance, which has partners like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and many others which could help to the development of the M1B.

Although the styling of the truck needs quite a bit of work, I think Mazibuko Motors has a big opportunity of competing with other big car manufacturers.

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  • Like the Cybertruck and EVERY OTHER ELECTRIC TRUCK/SUV, they gave it what I call the Far Side caveman brow headlight bar.

      10 months ago