An AMERICAN View of What's Wrong with F1

2y ago


The season's over and Nico is the Champ. I'll be honest, I don't like Nico. I didn't want him to be champ. Silver spoon fed his entire life. Worked for little. He's had some success coming up through, but always working with the best equipment, best teams and only the best situations that his papa's money could buy - which was significant by the way.

But perhaps what bothers me most to come out of this season is the whining voices of the drivers. Anytime something doesn't go their way, they whine. "Someone tried to pass me when I wasn't ready! "That driver goes too fast in that part of the track", "That driver brakes too late". "That driver's dangerous." PLEASE.... Drivers -get a clue, you are an elite racing driver. You're supposed to be the best of the best. Perhaps news to you, but driving racing motorcars is dangerous. It's also called RACING, with RACING meaning the goal is to finish first. No matter what - but preferably within the rules.

The cars you drive in, and the circuits you race on are the safest they have ever been (Thank you Sir, Jackie and Ayrton Senna/Sid Watkins). If someone has to get your permission to pass you, or has to follow some unwritten set of rules to perform an overtake, you need to retire and let those who want to be racing drivers (and not woosies) replace you. Your races become more boring all the time, and when someone comes along and challenges your talent and pushes the envelope, your response is to ostracize them by complaining to your current (ort old) team bosses, and have them push the new and exciting drivers out of the sport and prominence by changing the rules, or by "emphasizing" policies to make the races MORE BORING, and keep you in power.

I'm on the verge of not watching anymore.

Rico, you got lucky. Right time, right place. Best Equipment, best teammate. Shut your pie hole; you're not the most talented driver.

Vettel; you've lost your edge. Quit whining. Without a superior car you are pedestrian.

Max, you're the man. Don't listen to these guys. Keep driving hard. We want more of it and more like you.

Let's get back to real racing.

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