An American Wedding in London...

Bridezilla and werewolf movie reference aside, this was anything but a horror story. This was the day my kid sister got hitched....

About 3 years ago on September 6th 2015 my little sister Emily and now brother-in-law Nash finally got married. Thankfully they share my Father and I's passion for classic Americana, and so we had the pleasure of driving our cars for their big day.

The happy couple ....and Emily and Nash

For years our family business American Dreams has supplied vehicles for weddings, parties, events, TV, film work and anything else we get asked to do. These cars never cease to attract a crowd, usually with beaming smiles and countless questions about the size of the engine or their 'gallons per mile.'

We've loved all of the weddings we've been a part of (and we've done many), but being the father and brother of the bride made THIS wedding very special for us.

Yep, you guessed it..... that's me 🧦

Father of the Bride

'67 Mustang - The Groom's car

The Mustang has been a crucial part of our collection for the past 7 years. We bought it together from the Discovery TV show 'Wheeler Dealers' who imported and restored it to its current condition, and we've loved it ever since.

I had the pleasure of driving Nash (my brother-in-law) in this car on the big day, which has only helped to enhance our family's bond with the car.... Speaking of Bond... 🤵🏽

The name's Nash...

'53 Coupe - The Bridal Car

Our 53 caddy was bought a couple of years prior to the wedding. It was spotted by my Dad aka Russell at a car show one Summer and he never stopped thinking about it. Its condition was phenomenal (show winning actually and a real credit to the previous owner), so once he saw it was up for sale he jumped at the chance. My Dad got to drive Emily to the ceremony in it, so it was a proud day for him....(not JUST because of the car).

Bridesmaids .....cough

The Bridal car dominating here.... a metaphor perhaps?

Our family was no stranger to Cadillacs, we've had a blue 53 convertible for as long as I can remember, so to add such a beautiful coupe to the collection was great.

Our other '53

Despite the fact the blue convertible has such sentimental value due to it being in our family since my sister was playing pretend-wedding-dress-up, Emily (bridezilla) felt the colour of the coupe was more in-keeping with her more .... monochromatic theme.

The day was truly a special one and celebrating with all of our family, friends and cars was a memory none of us will ever forget. Classic American cars add some real wow factor wherever they go and I feel so lucky I get to drive them.

Some time later....

...3 years on and I have a 2 year old little Nephew named Jesse, who unsurprisingly is also now car obsessed... 🤔

One of our future drivers

Owning and using these cars is our passion and an integral part of our family. We hope to be able to share them for many years to come.

Have you driven your car in a loved one's wedding? We'd love to see what else people are using!

Fancy something different..?

These cars and many many more are available for events all over the UK. So if you fancy something a little different for your wedding / party / event / tv show / movie / funeral (yep funerals too) then get in touch! Click the link or check out our DT bio for more information.

Got something different..?

We're always looking for more UK based American vehicles and drivers so click HERE to add yours to our agency and get more back from your hobby :)

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