- The almighty Vanquish Zagato. Credit- Matthew D'souza

An Aston you may have forgotten about...

It's ageing like a fine wine!

It's been more than two years since Aston Martin announced the release of it's limited edition Vanquish Zagato of which only 99 were made. It is the fifth car to emerge from an Aston- Zagato collaboration and what a car it is! Take a look-

Sure the car has a 6L V12 that will take it to 100kph from a standstill in less than 3.6 seconds and sure it has some other fancy aero trickery but really, it's all about the looks and that is something that the Zagato excels at.

The Vanquish Zagato is a fine looking car and to me, it is one of the best looking Astons on this side of 2000.

If you needed another reason to fall in love with this car, here's a shot of the tailight inspired by the Vulcan.

How about that for detail

How about that for detail

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