An Aussie Favourite - Valiant S-Series

Photographed in September 2018 in Palmer, South Australia

Officially called the SV1, the S-Series was produced in Australia from March 1962 until April 1963 by Chrysler Australia.

Released just 10 weeks after it's predecessor (the R-Series) the S-Series was basically a US design assembled in Australia.

The S-Series had a smoother boot lid thanthe R, which featured a false spare wheel well (a la Chrysler 300).

The engine was the legendary "Slant 6" of 225ci capacity, mated to either a 3-speed column shifted manual or a push-button 3-speed automatic.

10,009 S-Series were built. This is the last one. (Just kidding!)

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Comments (2)

  • Great looking color on this one.

      2 years ago
    • It looks very original to me too.. Don't often see these around, but I think that was a factory colour.

        2 years ago