An early morning with an Athlete...

My short story about shooting the Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG for Pappas Auto Hungary.

I'm always excited about that time of the year when Pappas Auto initiates it's regular "Dream Car Roadshow" across Hungary, as this represents an opportunity for me to have a few "special" cars tested and shot at the same time. And this year was no exception...

The "model" in this case was Merc's little athlete, the CLA 45 AMG, which in fact has been already shot trough my lenses a few years ago, but since it got a nice facelift a little power boost and well, I think I managed to pull out some new tricks too to improve my photography skills.

So with all set, I was aiming to capture some morning lights with the car, which -I have to be honest- I drove more than shot thanks to it's excitement factors. The noise, the handling everything is there to make you believe that you are a good driver...

...ahh yes, the shooting. So managed to find a great scene and with a lovely, cold morning sunrise everything came together in a perfect harmony, as you shall see trough the images. Enjoy!

Special thanks goes to Pappas Auto Hungary for their support.

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