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An electric successor to the Lotus Elise is coming in 2026

And it's rumoured to produce twice the power of the outgoing car

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It's going pop and bang at Lotus these days, with the historic brand now fully beginning to embrace the electric era. It all started in June of 2019, when Lotus unveiled the world to the Evija: a 2,000bhp EV that looked and went like the clappers. Then, a few months back, Lotus announced the Emira - the car that would allow Lotus to begin reinventing themselves as they head into what is, without a doubt, the most important few years for them since the passing of the great Colin Chapman.

Last month, Lotus released the initial details about their new all-electric sports platform that will form the basis of almost all of their future zero-emissions performance cars, and the first blueprint they'll be putting in will be that of the heir to the Elise. It's said to debut in 2026, and act as Lotus' entry-level sports car of the voltaic era.

In a new report published by Autocar, they outlined the primary foundations of the Elise successor thanks to information from Lotus themselves. It's known as the Type 135, and it will tick all the boxes that will qualify it to be a car that Mr Chapman himself would be proud of. That means the simple as you like engineering, with minimal weight, and a supreme bias towards handling and agility. Its propulsion will, of course, be fully electric.

“It’s our DNA: dynamics, aerodynamics, light weighting – that’s what we do on all our products,” said Matt Windle, managing director at Lotus. “We still want these to be Lotus products. They are going to have a different propulsion system but that system comes with benefits as well: instant torque, easier cooling, and better packaging, so the first sports car will have a lot of storage and packaging benefits as well.”

It's being called the E-Sports architecture, and will be offered in either a single or dual-motor layout. The part which will really get the blood flowing, however, is the fact that even the most basic models that are built upon the E-Sports architecture will have around 470bhp - that translates to roughly twice the amount of the outgoing Elise Sport 240 Final Edition.

The team working behind the project will also try to maximise the highly effective aerodynamics that will be a beneficiary of the compact dimensions of the electric powertrain. A vehicle that produces that much power, and will no doubt take the whole ''EV's are heavy'' thing to lower depths than previously seen, means this could turn out to be a riot.

I'm eagerly awaiting this one, are you?

A potential render for the 2026 Elise. Image credit: Motor1

A potential render for the 2026 Elise. Image credit: Motor1

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Comments (11)

  • Oh God no.

      11 days ago
  • No. Please no. I’m begging you Lotus don’t ruin the Elise. How can a fucking electric car be LIGHTWEIGHT when it weighs that of a fridge. Poor Colin Chapman must be turning in his grave.

      11 days ago
    • By developing the technology until they perfect it. Chapman would be please that Lotus would be doing their part in pushing EVs to be as light as possible. You can't solve a problem if no one tries to tackle it.

        9 days ago
  • Just a few months ago, I really thought that Lotus will stay a brand for car enthusiasts. Not really known by non car guys, not really a status symbol, Lotus cars were always made for the car guy. I really thought that they will still make ICE’s, being one of not many brands to actually make them and maybe a bit controlling the car guy market. I feel a bit foolish and disappointed now. An electric Lotus is pointless. What was the philosophy of the brand? Make a car as fast as possible and then add lightness. An EV is the opposite. I don’t need a Lotus that accelerates in 1 second to 60, I want one that gives joy in driving, a light car you just way to drive through corners. With a heavy EV, Lotus has shown that they don’t care for their philosophy anymore. The Emira for me was already a disappointment. Not a light weight car, just a sports car any brand can make. But the question here is now: why should anyone buy an electric Lotus? A petrol head won’t want one, a non car guy who just wants to show off will buy a Merc or Porsche. I don’t see a future for Lotus if they will make just EV’s.

      11 days ago
  • I‘m so glad that I just bought an '18 Elise Sport 220…

      9 days ago
  • ...someone has to grab the bull by the horns and try to make EVs more lightweight. If not Lotus, then who else?

      9 days ago