- "LaQuinta" Singer at The Thermal Club

An Epiphany in Three Parts

51w ago


Unlike Saul’s renowned Damascus trip education my religious experience and conversion with Singer took place in three places over the space of a couple years.

Upon first hearing (but not experiencing) of the latest “hot rod” versions of Porsches coming out of Los Angeles a few years ago (joining the famous works of Rod Emory and Magnus Walker) I (mistakenly) assigned the lofty pricing of Singers to the “Porsche Fever” market of this current decade. When I learned that the engines were being built by no less than the legendary Ed Pink my curiosity was piqued with approval.

Part 1: Then I saw the Singer exhibit at Quail and scales were removed from my eyes. Even in that august gathering the impression of such beautiful craftsmanship was immediate and overwhelming. Every facet and feature was perfection. The bejeweled Porsches of Singer sat atop their podiums as statements of uncompromised automobile craftsmanship. And that very discerning crowd approved. Heartily.

Part 2: Last year I had the unexpected and unplanned privilege of visiting the facility where the Singer body components are made. Passing through the necessary security procedures I found myself among a covey of forthcoming Williams Singer bodies in various states of execution. I was presented with the voluminous ‘check list’ that accompanied each vehicle. The detail was exhausting. Then, I was informed that the inspection and sign-off process included seven, yes SEVEN, reviews. The Singer motto of “Everything is important” is taken very seriously.

Part 3: Recent visits to the famed and bespoke Thermal Club included meeting up with both the Williams Singer that was shown at SEMA as well as an impromptu photoshoot of an Ed Pink powered masterpiece, the “La Quinta” Singer (photos following below). When asking the owner how he’d like to have the car moved into positions for shooting he graciously (and generously) handed me the keys for me to experience a Singer from the driving position.

Fresh from a few laps on The North Palm Circuit, the "LaQuinta" was pulled in front of the clubhouse for a quick, impromptu photoshoot...

Opening the driver’s door one immediately notes the lightweight feel and precision. And then lowering oneself into the most incredible automotive seat is when the epiphany becomes religious. Imagine, if you will, sitting in the most anthropomorphically perfect and luxurious oversized baseball glove. One is simply and lovingly engulfed in the lovely leather smell, texture and form as you’re thoughtfully and completely caressed by design perfection. The Singer folks have done their human factors homework.

Seating perfection. Period.

After reassuring that the shifter is in neutral and the clutch is fully depressed one inserts and turns the Singer fobbed ignition key. The healthy Pink powerplant fires immediately and with authority. It’s simply symphonic. And blipping the throttle to move the car, the revs come on so quickly and effortlessly one wonders just what alchemy was employed in the lightweight flywheel. The steering is likewise immediate and the gearshifts are both easy and very, very positive. Of course the Singer goes directly where aimed with almost telepathic immediacy and accuracy. Wow. Simply, wow. I believe!

Powerful Ed Pink 4.0 ltr lies beneath on the Singer "LaQuinta

In a Singer one is in automotive paradise and like Saul, thankful to have such a heavenly conversion experience.

Singer "LaQuinta" A-Pillar and mirror details

...the 'business end' of the LaQuinta.