An F1 2017 vs real life lap of Interlagos is mesmerising

1y ago


With eRacing being thrust into the F1 spotlight thanks to an epic eSports final at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, there has been much chitter chatter about whether simulated races can become as popular as the real thing. Considering how action packed the eSports F1 final was compared to the drab real life Grand Prix, the computerised Formula has certainly put itself forward to be a mainstay for the 2018 season.

To put both variants of motorsport into direct comparison, this video shows a split screen lap of Interlagos featuring Lewis Hamilton in his Mercedes-AMG. With the same car and identical tyre compounds, the footage makes for a frighteningly close comparison between the two.

Although they are scarily similar, one major difference is the smoothness and lack of tactility from the games point of view; while Lewis is fighting the bumps and cambers of the infamous Brazilian circuit, the game simply glides over the tarmac, somewhat dampening an otherwise immersive experience.

Are you glad to see eSports on the map in Formula 1? Would you like to see a pre-Grand Prix sim race between top eSports stars? Comment with your thoughts below!

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