An F1 car for the road: the Zacaria SC unveiled at Top Marques

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The Top Marques is a bit of an institutionalized tradition in Monaco. Until last year, its 15th edition, it was held at Grimaldi Forum usually around the third weekend of April but this year, under the management, it has gone through a significant PR makeover and it has been moved to the last few days of May (May 30 to June 2, to be exact) right after the Monaco Grand Prix.

The cars are now back where they belong, under the spotlight, and one of the most interesting cars seen this year, unveiled by Prince Alberto II of Monaco himself, was this: the Zacaria SC.

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This Australian-born supercar is named after Zacaria Mihajlovic, the man with the vision who took a leap of faith to make his dream come true for an F1 style street legal supercar, in partnership with Scotty Cox (=SC), who worked his magic making the vision come to life.

The Zacaria SC has has a Ferrari 6.3 L V 12 making 700 hp coupled with a 6-speed sequential gearbox. The body is made of aluminium with chromoly reinforced steel and the dry weight is only 850 kg, which means the SC has a power-to-weight ratio of 811 bhp per tonne – and that's astonishing.

The Zacaria SC is fundamentally a one-off although more will be built on demand. You can use this car on the road although racetracks all over the world are probably its natural habitat. And the cost? Around £800,000.

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