An Honest Review Of th World's Most Acclaimed Racing Game.

I dive into the good the bad, and the ugly of Forza Horizon 4.

39w ago

So I'll start with the good. Not that that takes long to divulge really

1. The Car List

Always has been one of the standouts of the Forza Series, getting big companies into their games. THe Car List is simply, the best in any single racing game. Offers something for everything. The young supercar enthuiast has plenty to choose from, as does the JDM fan, etc. At launch, there where over 450 cars. As it stand there is something like over 600 cars now. Though, Forza can do much better on their car list. I'll come to this later...Overall if you want diversity, Forza Horizon 4 is the place for you.


Not really much to delve into here. Forza Horizon 4 is one of the most realistic games in any genre. Not sure of the specifics here, but as Max Verstappen would say "simply, simply lovely"

General Accsesability

My god if you can't navigate with ease through the Horizon menu's and general bits of Horizon I suggest you seriously need help. It's ease of navigation is stellar.

Free Updates

Possibly one of the best games ever for after-launch support and free updates is Forza Horizon 4. There have been 30 Free updates as of now, and many new game modes like Drift Adventure, The Eliminator, and the brand new Super 7. And it's all free. EA, Take-Two take note. Sometimes micro-transactions aren't the way.

What Turn 10 and Playground Games Got wrong. I'm sorry Forza Horizon fanboys. But BOY is this list a hell of a lot longer than the Positives. I mean a lot.

Car List

Hey Ronan? I thought this was a positive...Nope sorry, Have SO many cars in the game files from other Horizon's and Motorsport's. They where excluded for what? The Volvo P1800 for example was in FH3. Why is it not in 4? Every car in a past Forza game should be in all the next.

The story in general

Oh hell. This was shorter than a 1 page children's story book. You where greeted with a SINGLE cutscene. 1. Cutscene. Seriously. Once you got past the first 20 minutes of playing, you where racing....for the sake of racing. I'm not asking for Need For Speed level story, but please, something remotley intersting PGG.

The God-Forsaken AI

Half the time they are slower than Alessio Delleda. THe other half they are Scott Speed on iRacing. A bunch of idiots with the spatial awareness of a bird trapped inside a room. They are literally idiots. I've been punted numerous times. And don't even get me onto them when they are in the trial. Please. They still give me nightmares. Weaving more then F1 car behind the Safety Car. Brake Check's every second. 6 wide into corners I've seen. The trial isn't beating them on speed. It's not having a mental breakdown racing them.

The Online


Thought the AI where bad. Being the main-stream, freeroam, arcade racing game I guess we can accept the online will be a utter disaster. But at least enter some kind of a penalty system, why do I get a slowdown for get absolutely yeeted into the barriers. And Wall riding is quicker. In FH4 you truly do get sent to Super GT's famous Shdow Realm.

Super Gt: I had to blur that out for the under 18 viewers. this wall-riding is too filthy.

Steve alvarez Brown / Super GT

The banning system

Short review. The entire mod team is an absolute and utter disgrace. Article coming on this very soon. I can't contain this in 1 paragraph.

The Map and Vibe

They could have used London. Yet they chose Edinburgh and the scottish highlands. Don't get me wrong. These places ARE cool. Personaly I'd love to live in the middle of no-where in the scottish highlands. But for a Racing Game, Which executed a party vibe perfectly for the last 6 years before 2018, this was as Fernando Alonso would say a Yoke, a Yoke. Confining the party vibe to a single small, area of the map, was a massive mistake, rolling through Ambelside feels like a place grannies go for tea and cucumber sandwiches. But surely Edinburgh Makes up for that? No. Edinburgh seems like it has been abandoned. The same building is everywhere. It all feels the same.

The Races

Specifically Rally I'll single out here. My favourite type of racing in Forza Horizon. But boy they screwed up. Someone on Reddit found that 40% of all of the rally races is on road.


The Festival Playlist

Ok, Clearing this. I don't mind a grind in racing games. Infact I like that more. But boy. Forza picked the wrong kind. You Have to play EVERY week to get a car. AND it's the same method every damn time. So a late player has to fork out 20 million at auction to get these cars. Or wait months till they are back available. Keep the grind. But make the cars available at any time. No more play every week or pay 20 Million.

So. Looking for a nice, good gritty arcade racing game?

Ya, just wait until Test Drive unlimited 3 comes out lads. FH4 did a lot good. But a hell of a lot wrong.

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  • Some people aren't happy unless they can complain.

      9 months ago
    • Just a review jeff. Thus I could sing dishonest praises and make you happy but I won't. I will make an article someday on a racing game I love. I will find a copy of TDU2. I used to like it at the start kind of lost magic.

        8 months ago
    • I didn't mean to be too harsh. I started out playing Real Racing 3 on mobile. Anything is better than that stinking pile of sh#$. I really get some of your complaints. I would love a better map as you suggest, but I also don't know of any other game...

      Read more
        8 months ago