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An idiot crashes a truck into a petrol pump and then pulls off the license plate

2w ago


Well there are people who restore people's faith in humanity, like the guy who removed the license plate of a police van and put it on his car and went speeding around town.

..Crashes and pulls of his license plate..

Then there are people like this idiot, who crashed his truck into a petrol station or gas station's convenience store. After doing so he gets out and removes (pulls off) the license plate of his truck and then flees the convenience store with his truck in there.

At that moment I thought to myself 'what an idiot', and then said to my computer 'there are more ways to identify who the car belongs to'. And then I realise the video captures the idiots face and that can be given to the authorities to track down the person.

Well, no one was hurt, the police have tracked down the 'idiot' and have charged him with reckless driving and failing to report an accident. I wonder if they charged him with destruction of property as well. and the second thing I am wondering what he told the police as for him doing what he did.

Here is how it went down.

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  • Do some Americans assume everything is drive thru nowadays

    16 days ago
    16 Bumps
  • Firstly, thank god no one was hurt.

    Secondly, I feel sorry for the shop owner to deal with the mess...

    Finally, he's a blithering idiot for sure.

    15 days ago
    8 Bumps


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