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An Incomplete List of World Series MVP Prize Vehicles

When you do sports well, Chevy will give you a car

27w ago

The World Series is a spectacle for both the players and viewers. This year was no different. Even with the reduced attendance, altered schedules, and constant roster changes, this year's World Series was unforgettable. What always caught my eye was the MVP ceremony. After the team is all done cheering and tackling each other for achieving the highest goal in baseball, Chevy rolls out a vehicle to award the best performing player. I decided to do some research and see what vehicles they handed out in the past. Chevy partnered with the MLB back in 2005, so I would assume they gave out a vehicle every year since then. It wasn’t easy. Some I found through seeing the player posed next to it, others were vaguely mentioned in articles. For some, I added generic images for reference. I could not find them all unfortunately. And for the ones I could not find, I placed my own suggestions for what should have been awarded.

2005-Chevy SSR

Jermaine Dye took home a shiny yellow Chevy SSR after leading the White Sox to their first World Series title in 80+ years. Coincidentally, this vehicle fits this World Series title because they are both rare, and often forgotten.

2006-Chevy Corvette Z06

David Eckstein was handed the keys to this popular version of the 500hp C6 Corvette. He and the St. Louis Cardinals took home the title this year.

2007-Chevy Tahoe Hybrid AND Chevy Malibu Hybrid

I can’t imagine how excited Mike Lowell of the Boston Red Sox was to receive these two vehicles. This has my vote for the best out of all the giveaways Chevy has done for this. Corvette? Nah. Loaded Silverado? Nah. How about the unique looking Avalanche? Nope, two mediocre hybrid vehicles with mediocre fuel economy. I found this image from scrubbing a YouTube video of the entire game, because there are not many (if at all) pictures of these two vehicles together.

2008-Chevy Camaro RS

Is there anything more Philadelphia-like than a Camaro SS body with a V6 under the hood? Cole Hamels of the Philadelphia Phillies took the keys to this machine.

2009-Chevy Cruze LT (Guess)

I could not find a vehicle for this year. The Yankees of the Bronx won this year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the actually didn’t provide a vehicle to the winner knowing it will never be used in the city. This was the year the Cruz debuted (model year 2010). And I wouldn’t doubt Chevy was pushing this HARD. MVP winner was Hideki Matsui.

2010-Chevy Caprice PPV (Guess)

Another one I could not find. Edgar Renteria of the San Francisco Giants took home the MVP title this year. This also was the introduction of the Caprice to US shores. Although majority of these went straight to police fleets, I can see Chevy gifting this “unique” pedestrian vehicle to the MVP. It definitely would be in undercover cop trim like above.

2011-Chevy Corvette Grand Sport

This year was the reintroduction of the Grand Sport trim to the Corvette. David Freese of the St. Louis Cardinals took home this sweet ride.

2012-Chevy Corvette Convertible

Pablo Sandoval was rewarded the MVP title along with the keys to this ride. The San Francisco Giant probably stashed this in his dusty garage next to his other various cars.

2013-Chevy Tahoe

The Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz took home a World Series Title, the MVP title, and the keys to this beautiful machine. “Big Papi” got himself a very blacked out Chevy Tahoe that doesn’t hold a candle to Lowell’s Tahoe Hybrid.

2014-Chevy Colorado Z71

San Francisco Giant Madison Bumgarner took the keys to this Colorado for taking home the MVP title. Unfortunately, the more memorable moment from this year was the presentation of said vehicle:

2015-Chevy Camaro SS

The Camaro received a face lift this year, so Chevy must hand this out to the World Series MVP. Salvator Perez of the Kansas City Royals was the lucky recipient of this vehicle.

2016-Chevy Camaro SS 50th Anniversary

The Chicago Cubs ended their World Series drought this year. And Ben Zobrist took home one of the better looking contemporary Camaro configurations in my honest opinion.

2017-Chevy Silverado Centennial Edition

The Houston Astros won the title. George Springer won the MVP. The Chevy given out this year is this commemorative edition of the Silverado complete with extra with badges and huge wheels.

2018-Chevy Silverado Trail Boss

The Silverado gets a controversial face lift, so Chevy handed out this off road rig to Steve Pearce of the Red Sox. If I had to guess, this truck may never be the boss of any trail in its tenure.

2019-Chevy C8 Corvette

This lucky MVP took home a C8 way before anyone else got theirs. Steven Strasburg is a very tall man. I am not sure how this Washington National will fit into this vehicle. Look at this image. The roof is at his hip.

2020-Chevy Tahoe Z71

The 2020 World Series was one for the ages. This was one of the first times the World Series was played in a neutral field, attendance was limited, rosters changed frequently from positive Covid tests. Corey Seager of the LA Dodgers overcame all of the adversities he faced to earn the keys to the newly restyled Chevy Tahoe.

I hope Chevy continues this tradition forever. But I wish they diversified the vehicle choice a bit. Surely some of these players have families. Why not gift them a 15 passenger Express van? Equip it with the optional 6.6L V8 and you have a family hauler that can burn some rubber. If there is a cost limit, I think Chevy should award the MVP with FOUR Chevy Sparks! That's equivalent to one C8 Corvette.

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