An interview about DriveTribe, FoodTribe and Land Rovers!

BBC's Alex Dyke sat me down for a chat about all things DriveTribe

11w ago

Alex Dyke from BBC Radio Solent grabbed me for a quick chat about everything that's going on at DriveTribe, FoodTribe and the world of YouTube.

He's also recently bought a Land Rover – sadly, something I know very little about – but I did my best to give him some advice. He should probably ask Edd China next time!

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  • I could say: You should have checked with him, BUT his partner gave you the permit, so that leaves you out of the loop. If we don't trust our partner, it's not a good relationship. BUT if she'd give permit and KNEW he wouldn't like it, she did make a mistake. OR she assumed it would be ok, but didn't check with him. OR normally it would have been ok, just on this day Jeremy had another opinion about it. Many possibilities, which all let you out of the loop. Feel with you, nevertheless.

      2 months ago