An interview with BMW factory driver Augusto Farfus

I managed to grab Augusto for a chat about classic cars, his road mannerisms and the importance of quality lubricants

3y ago

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During this job you get to meet a myriad of names and faces in the motorsport world and at a driving event with Shell, I got to meet someone particularly special. Shell, due to their connection as sponsor for BMW, brought along works driver Augusto Farfus as one of their drivers and we were able to sit and have a chat with him about all things driving and our automotive passions.

Augusto is a classic car owner like myself and I was lucky enough to have a chat with him about what this means to him and the parallels in our ways of thinking. When you meet a professional driver you often wonder if they still connect with driving the way we all do – with Augusto that became very clear as he was personable and still very passionate about his craft.

Part of Shell’s campaign was looking at the driving habits of Europeans and their emotions whilst behind the wheel. Italians scored highly as show ponies with an assertive style. Augusto is the antithesis of this, being very much a lunatic on the track but a relaxed, gentile man on the public road. Watch to see his reactions to the findings of the experiment.

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