An interview with Shinyodd

Yesterday I conducted an interview with one of YouTube's most underrated content creators.

The gaming scene on YouTube is very saturated - mainly thanks to Fortnite players such as Tfue and Ninja - and as a result it's incredibly hard to become a popular gamer on the platform. However, one person has managed to break this glass ceiling and succeeded in becoming a pretty popular YouTuber.

His name is Shinyodd, and he is a Northern Irish YouTuber who uploads videos on racing video games which features an unforgettable dark comedic commentary. I was lucky enough to be able to conduct an interview with him yesterday and ask him about his content, his preferences and his personal life as well.

Here is the full interview:

SWA: Firstly, I would like to ask you about how have you been holding up during this pandemic. What have you been doing and how are you dealing with the issues caused by the Coronavirus?

Shinyodd: The pandemic thankfully has not impacted life for me, as someone who just simply works from home and does their own thing, its been pretty much life as normal, besides the ability to attend cancelled events etc.

SWA: I am very happy that things are okay for you. I would like to now talk about your YouTube career. When did you first realise that you wanted to start posting videos on YouTube, specifically racing gameplay videos?

Shinyodd: Unfortunately the origin for my motivation to start YouTube comes from a rather dark place regarding my poor mental health state at the time and fragile connections and lack of proper communication with my family at the time, I wanted a distraction, as a teenager with an open internet in front of me, I just signed up for YouTube and Twitch, and started broadcasting myself playing the newly released Forza Horizon 3 at the time, fuelled by my passion for cars of course.

SWA: How does it feel having more than 270,000 subscribers on YouTube?

Shinyodd: I'm certainly thankful that I have acquired this size of an audience in the time frame I have, in reality I don't focus on that number often, but it's one I definitely don't take for granted.

SWA: What do your close friends and family think of the internet business that you have joined?

Shinyodd: It's not something that's often discussed amongst friends and family, mostly because a lot of them likely don't fully understand how it works, or how you can make a living doing it, I mainly disconnect it from my personal life like that, but they all certainly approve of it and see it as a positive and beneficial thing and support me with it.

SWA: One of your most popular videos currently is 'Corrupted Forza for Windows 98’ which has 2.9 million views. How did you feel when you saw the video getting so much attention?

Shinyodd: Quite honestly, I uploaded the video and went out with friends for the day, only when I came home did I realise how explosive the initial growth was in contrast to anything else I had uploaded before that point, I didn't quite get the full picture due to YouTube's view counters being broken and frozen that day, but to see almost a million views within the first week was something completely alien to me, and most certainly still would be today.

SWA: You have played a variety of racing games on your channel, from very good ones to ones that have been designed by mentally deficient puppies. You have called 'Midnight Outlaw 6 Hours to SunUp' as the worst racing game you have ever played, and you mention a number of racing video games that you consider the best. Out of all those games, which one would you say is at the top of the list?

Shinyodd: As an incredibly critical person, I often seek out negatives in things for the sake of pointing them out, which sounds terribly pessimistic, however when transformed in to a comedic context, it can be a great ground to start with when criticising video games like these for content. It would be hard for me to put a specific game above another without extensive consideration, however one of the objectively poor games that I am rather fond of is the 'Corona Motorsport' game I covered earlier this year, purely because I found the game to be oddly enjoyable besides its obvious poor quality design, and also because of the developers positive response to the satirical nature in my review of his product

SWA: How frequently do you collaborate with other YouTubers?

Shinyodd: My style is primarily a 1-Man Show, I have collaborated with others before for their channels however I've very rarely done a collaboration with others for my own.

SWA: With the upcoming release of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X and S, there will be an explosion of racing video game releases. Which upcoming racing video game for those consoles would you recommend?

Shinyodd: At the moment there is a lot yet to be revealed however the one I am most looking forward to hearing more about is Gran Turismo 7.

SWA: Which car do you currently drive, and what’s your dream car?

Shinyodd: I currently own a 1981 Nissan Skyline R30, and recently also a BMW E36, the R30 Skyline was always a dream car for me, however my next objective is likely to be a '92 Mitsubishi GTO, or another 80's skyline, that is, if I'm lucky enough to find any more of them.

SWA: Final question: What do you enjoy more: streaming or making a traditional video?

Shinyodd: Streaming is definitely something less time consuming and much more chilled out, making videos takes a lot of prep and is very time consuming, it's definitely more profitable for me, but streaming will always be more enjoyable in a more relaxed way for sure.

I think that this was more than just an interview. I think that through this conversation I got to know the real Shinyodd: a man who joined the online community to escape his personal struggles, and despite all the troubles that he has experiences, he has gained success and found something he likes.

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  • Shiny seems to be a cool guy, and since I've been subbed since 60k, I have actually been helped out of suicide from him and some other YouTubers

      8 months ago
  • Love shinyodds content

      7 months ago
  • Great article, Shinyodd is such a great guy!

      8 months ago