An introduction...

Who are we? Well I guess we better explain ourselves...

4y ago

Hey there folks, Liam & Bentley here! Yes we're doing a joint introduction... DON'T JUDGE US LIKE THAT...

Anyhow, hope you are all having a fantastic day! But lets explain who we are, what we do and what we'll be creating!

We are a tribe dedicated to all things that involve but are not limited to:

(There's a lot more that I'm sure we'll magically come up with...)

(There's a lot more that I'm sure we'll magically come up with...)

So what can you expect? Well, you can expect a monthly video series, as well as mini clips in between, articles, write ups of events, general points of interest and no doubt some shenanigans of what we get up to in between filming and events... (There will probably be a fair amount of that)

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A short teaser of what is to come in the first video coming soon....

The Back Roads is a blend of both entertainment content, articles, and community for the slightly more regular enthusiast! A lot of what we do, you can do as well!

Liam Freeman + Bentley Perkins

So, I guess we should probably address what we would love you guys to do! Well, as well as engaging with our content and posts, we would love for you guys to post your own updates, what you've been up to, or even general chit chat! Drivetribe is all about community and we look forward to building that along side you!

We look forward to exploring and connecting with you all here on Drive tribe and can't wait to see the content which is produced here. You're welcome to follow us to keep updated on all we do, as well as leave a comment of your tribe and a little bit about yourself in the comments section below!

Take care folks and enjoy your day!

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