An introduction

So what will I be bringing to this new Drive Tribe deal? A bit of everything really. If you don't know me, well, I'm an aussie that picked up and moved half way around the world about 18 months ago to pursue a career in photography.

Spa 24 hours 2016

I come from a back ground in engineering and drafting. On the side I would head to the tracks around Aus to shoot and cover various motorsport events. Over the years I started getting access to bigger and better categories, as well as build a network of contacts from all over the globe.

Aston Martin changing tyres during the WEC Spa 6 hours 2016.

So after a short discussion on what we wanted to achieve my fiance and I packed up and moved to London. Since then I have been very lucky to have worked with some great people in the motorsport community. As well as with one of the most professional teams in the GT world - M-Sport Bentley.

Bentley's Continental GT3

Travelling all around continental Europe with the team this past season has been a fantastic experience. Covering the endurance rounds of the Blancpain series as well as the Nurburgring 24 hour. I will no doubt post some images from all of these rounds so keep an eye out on my tribe.

My 997 Carrera S in London.

Not everything that I photograph is at a track either. Occasionally I will try my hand at some Automotive work. It's an area that I enjoy learning as there are no limits on what can be achieved. On this I will try to post as much new content as I possibly can, I will also have some of my favourite shots from past events. If you have any feedback or requests please get in touch!