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Hello and welcome to my profile on DRIVETRIBE. I thought for my first post I would talk about my motorsport photography career to-date…

Since attending my first ever race meeting at Oulton Park (aged 11) on 17th April 2006 (British F3 and GT were headlining for anyone interested), I have had a strong passion and determination to photograph motorsport. The past few years especially have been a rollercoaster, ranging from periods where I was on the brink of giving up photography altogether, to times when I could see myself making one small step closer to shooting motorsport full-time.

2016 has been a year to remember. Having hit a few brick walls during the first couple of months trying to form new working relationships with publications, one evening I received a surprise e-mail off leading classic and performance car magazine Octane, asking to use one of my Heritage F2 stock car photos. From that moment, I have seen my photography go from strength-to-strength. Having several images published in a well-known publication, it gave me the incentive to push myself and raise my standard.

Alongside this, I have also aimed to attend as many different forms of motorsport. Ranging from international endurance racing to bangers, I have found each discipline to be hugely engaging and constantly providing many opportunities to tell a story.

As for what to expect on my profile over the next month or so, whilst waiting for the 2017 season to get under way I will be posting a selection of pictures from each race event I attended in 2016, along with my own comments on how the event unfolded from a photographer’s point-of-view.

I hope you enjoy following my profile and my tribe MPH Photography!

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