An introduction to wangan scandinavia

Hello people of Drivetribe! My name is Sebastian Pichard. I'm a 25 year old guy from Copenhagen, Denmark - and I have a burning passion for cars and photography.

My white Manual 1995 NA Supra SZ. It's a Japanese import.

As you might have already guessed, Japanese cars in particular makes my heart melt. I like how they look, sound, feel, and smell. Something just clicks in my brain and gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside when I'm near them.

My previous car on the left - A Clover Green 1999 Civic EK4 VTi, next to a friends 1996 EK4 VTi with a B18C swap, producing a whopping 230 horsepower on the wheels - on a naturally aspirated 1,8.

The interest of cars started when I was young, and my classmate and I would read car magazines and talk about cars all the time. The cars were actually what sparked my interest of photography as well. I thought photography would be a good gateway into the car scene, and it turned out I was right. I got my first DSLR about 10 years ago, and started seeking ways of shooting the cool cars. I started out by visiting Danish car forums and contacting the owners of various cool cars and asking if they'd be interested in having their car photographed. One guy replied and agreed to let me shoot his 1998 Supra. That's where it all started for me.

The first Toyota Supra MKIV I ever saw and photographed. A 1998 singleturbo conversion with 600hp and the VeilSide Combat C1 bodykit, which was the bees knees in 2007!

I remember standing on the sidewalk with my camera bag on my back, and my tripod in one hand, a quiet weekend morning, waiting for this guy to pick me up in his Supra. I heard the car long before I saw it. It made the hairs on my arm rise. I remember hearing it coming off the highway, and hearing it come all the way down towards me. Then I saw this low, wide, dark grey, agressive car emerging from the hilltop and I was absolutely gobsmacked. I had never seen a Supra MKIV before, and I was in total awe when he pulled up across the street from me. I climbed in, the guy introduced himself as Kim, and we headed to an industrial harbor in Copenhagen to take the photos.

Kim would later start the first Danish drift team ever. This is a photo of our S15 SR22 taken at the Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit in 2011.

After the session was over, I was completely sold on the idea of Japanese cars. The Supra had made such a big impression on me, and that's the moment I got my childhood "hero" car. I kept the contact with Kim, as he had just started a JDM import company, which would later turn out to become a massive business in Scandinavia. I owe a huge thanks to him for giving me all these opportunities. I got introduced to a lot of new people through Kim, and fast forward a few years, I had a lot of good friends that shared the same interest as me - Yep, you guessed it. Japanese cars!

From a photosession with a Midnight Purple Skyline R33 GT-R.

The import business was slowly growing, and Kim would start the first Danish drift team in 2010 which was just such an awesome opportunity for a young car nut with a camera, like me. I will tell you the story about the drift team in detail in another article - so stay tuned!

My friends Corolla AE86 Levin while it was still under construction. This car was being built for the drift team.

As the years have passed, I've gained a lot of experience with cars and photography. I got to know a lot of the owners of the cars I shot over the years, and I began becoming more and more emerged in the JDM car scene in Denmark. My friends and I would often go to races and meetups in Sweden and visit the Gatebil festival in Norway. Ever since 2010 it has been the tradition that Kim arranged two trackdays at Sturup Raceway in Sweden, one to open the season and one to close the season off.

Jocks Drift Team Silvia S15 2JZ scraping the pit wall at Sturup Raceway - Check out the sparks flying behind the car!

Now, what I'm hoping to do with this tribe, is to gather as many JDM car fans in Scandinavia as possible. Denmark is a small country, and even though we have many JDM fans here, it's simply uncomparable to our neighbours to the North and East.

My friends KP60 Starlet with a 4AGE swap and bike carburetors!

This was just a short introduction of who I am and what I do. I have tons and tons of photo and video material with JDM cars, and many ideas for articles in the future. I will be doing features, photo shoots and other interesting stuff with the cars and people that sorround me. So I hope that people with mutual interests will follow my tribe, and that we can make a great community for like minded people in Scandinavia. I will use the rest of the article to show some more of the photos I've taken through the times - Thanks for reading!

2JZ-GTE single turbo conversion - 900hp setup.

Genuine EK9 Type R, built completely from scratch with a bare body. This car makes 300hp today.

TRD GT86 I drove for a road test.

My friends place. He loves old Toyotas and especially the AE86's - I call it Area 86.

Evening at the drift team camp. Preparing the cars for the next day.

My Supra in the background together with a 1998 Supra in absolutely immaculate condition.

Visiting a supercar meet with two Supras. They seemed a bit out of place, but people were friendly and enjoyed the diversity.

Soarer sleeping soundly after a long day of drifting at the Gatebil festival.

Rocket Bunny GT86 with some cool Cosmis rims and huge brakes.

One of my personal favourite shots. A panning photo of Kims Supra, shot at a trackday a couple of years back.

A friends old EK4 in the sunset.

An AE86 magazine from Japan.