Explosive Turbocharged Power and some proper driving made this one of the most spectacular Monsters on Falperra Hillclimb 2018

This 600Hp/1120Kg explosively quick Escort Cosworth was one of the Two Most Spectacular Monsters on Rampa da Falperra 2018. Masterfully driven by José Silvino Pires, it was the Fastest E1-Class Car until having to retire.

Up to that point it was not only effective but also spectacular thanks to the spectacular driving style used and it explosive power delivery, rich in Flames, Pops and Bangs.

Let´s remember this unit was originally built for RallyCross Racing, and quite successfully so, having won both the French and European Championships. Built on 1994 (!!!) it was even used on Ice Racing where it was driven by ex-F1 driver Patrick Tambay.

Having been converted into a Hillclimb Monster since 2001, it was evoled in numerous ways until reaching the impressive spec it boasts nowadays. Producing over 600Hp if Turbo boost is tuned accordingly, it is capable of a 0-100Km/h sprint in around 2.2 seconds. All this "Fire Power" is transmitted to the ground through rather a rther outdated All-Wheel Drive system and 5-Speed Sequential Gearbox, but that´s where a very important part enters the fray: the Driver.

And on that front, this Monster is very, very well served.

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