An opinion-driven factual piece on Mercedes AMG F1

    A fact-driven opinion piece (or an opinion-driven factual piece)

    As part of the Mercedes-Benz Owners Club here on DT, I feel duty-bound to talk about all Mercedes-related stuff and I pride myself on mastering the art of being both openly biased and openly unbiased. I try my best to be fact-driven but I also defend my position and opinions. Which means I couldn't really shy away from sharing my thoughts on Lewis Hamilton, and Mercedes AMG F1, latest win.

    So, part I: opinion. Lewis Hamilton is probably my favourite (active) driver in F1 and he has been since his days at McLaren. I don't necessarily appreciate the fact that he gets political all the time, not because I may or may not share his views but simply because while I certainly appreciate it when when sportspeople use their platform to forward a message, I'm also a bit wary when they use it too often. But that's just me.

    Is Lewis the best driver of all time? No one knows. And it's pub talk at best because, for better or worse, the instruments that modern drivers use - simulators, technology, cars, what-have-you - cannot be compared with the instruments that drivers used twenty or thirty or forty years ago, which means you can't prove anything. Comparing different drivers from different era is a pointless, albeit fun, exercise. And at the end of the day it all boils down to personal opinion, which means we're back to square one.

    And, part II: facts. Hamilton just won his 7th world championship, like Schumacher, and his 94th GP, more than any other driver in history. On top of that, we're looking at 97 pole positions, a world record, and we're looking at an F1 team that just won their 7th constructors' championship, which is also a world record. Some might say that winning more races and poles is easier today because there are simply more races in the season calendar and well, that's true, that's another fact that must be taken in consideration.

    Mercedes AMG F1 have clearly dominated the hybrid era of Formula 1, which brings us back in opinions' territory. Do hybrid F1 cars work? Well, they certainly work for Mercedes. Should we go back to V12? Probably, yeah. Maybe.

    So, part III, more opinions. I like Mercedes-Benz, as a brand, because it can do anything. They sell supercars, they sell SUVs, they sell off-roaders, they sell one of the most fascinating vehicles ever made, which is the G-Wagen, and one of the most amazing supercars ever built in modern times, the SLR McLaren. Is that my opinion? Yes. Is this opinion fogging my thoughts, and occasionally keeping me from appreciating other brands? Maybe. But as a completely biased and yet totally unbiased person, I at least realize I tend to do this sometimes, and I try my best not to.

    George Carlin once said "The reason I talk to myself is because I'm the only one whose answers I accept". I don't know how you did it, George. I argue with myself all the time and, yet, somehow, I still lose the argument. Go figure.

    Feel free 2 share your thoughts (on Mercedes, Hamilton, F1, etc) in the comments

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    • I agree. Comparing drivers from different eras is not reasonable. I have seen Hamilton drive cars from other eras and his comment of the V10/12 era was that he couldn't believe how much raw power those things had and that it must have taken some serious talent to handle those during a race. Could he have beaten Senna or Schumacher? Who knows? It's like you said, "pub talk". Could Mercedes have pulled off 7 wins with Senna or Schumacher behind the wheel? Who knows. They weren't on the radar during those eras. Merc certainly is right now. Unchallenged domination is what I would call this current era. The Mercedes Parade. They are so good and Lewis is so good that is has made the sport boring. Personally, as much as I like Hamilton, I think he needs to step aside now. Merc should take an F1 vacation for a season or two to allow others to catch up while the new rules take effect so viewers will return or the sport is gonna pay even more. That's just my opinion.

        8 days ago
      • You might like reading Road and Track's opinion about Sebastien Loeb, then. It's quite an interesting look into how a singular force of nature in competition can lead to stagnation and decay instead of evolution.

          8 days ago
      • it's true. But it's also inevitable. It cyclically happens in every sport. But then again what are we supposed to do, ban them 'cause they're too good?

          7 days ago
    • I simplify this talk about numbers for all of you "It's just the number" - Kimi Raikkonen.

        4 days ago
    • And I'm a Ferrari fan! Yayy.

        8 days ago
    • An opinion-driven factual piece on Mercedes AMG F1 @tribe

        8 days ago


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