- M​ark Cilani's 1971 "Longnose" 911T rebuild on the tarmac at the Lyon Air Museum Photos & Story: Royce Rumsey ©2019

A​n "Outlaw" Aria

M​ark Cilani's recent '71 "Longhood" 911T rebuild composition hits all the right notes

1y ago

In April of 2018 a number of Mark Cilani’s friends were gathered at Mark’s Fast Newport Speed Cave to do some regular “bench racing” and look over Mark’s latest acquisition from BaT and “M1Franck” of Hillsboro, Oregon—a 1971 Porsche “Longhood” 911T that Mark was going to turn into his vision of a ‘gentlemen’s racer’ 911.

Mark's automotive vision and intent would end up being the latest (and one of the greatest) of the now-popular 911 “rebuilds” in the spirit of Rod Emory and Norbert Singer executions—hence the nominative “outlaw aria” that this author applies to this incredible “luftgekühlt kultur” masterpiece.

As good as the car looks you ought to hear it when Mark opens it up and lets it sing!

O​pening up Mark Cilani's '71 "Longhood" 911T reveals a symphony of beautiful details.

O​pening up Mark Cilani's '71 "Longhood" 911T reveals a symphony of beautiful details.

Great compositions (whether they be classical music, art masterworks or automobiles) require three elements: vision, dedication to quality, and attention to details. Mark Cilani is blessed with all of these traits and with such he started to work composing the beautiful and stunning 911 “hot rod” shown here. The particulars of Mark’s remarkable, outlaw style aria composition include:

Production car: 1971 Porsche 911T of November 1970, first sold in Portland, Oregon.

F​orm and function beauty in a Bauhausian spirit...

F​orm and function beauty in a Bauhausian spirit...

Project car purchased from “M1Franck” came with the following interior components

· Momo Prototipo steering wheel with Zuffenhaus Billet steering wheel hub

· Billet shift knob

· Schroth Rallye 3-point seat belts

· alloy dash trim, carbon fiber steering shaft cover from Helion Composites

· Rennline driver and passenger floor boards, door sill plates, and shift coupler

· VDO gauges

.​...photographing Mark Cilani's '71 "Longhood" 911T at the Lyon Air Museum just made sense...

.​...photographing Mark Cilani's '71 "Longhood" 911T at the Lyon Air Museum just made sense...

L​ike any real performance, driving car: three pedals. Period.

L​ike any real performance, driving car: three pedals. Period.

A 2.7-liter flat-six from a G-Series 911 was purchased after being rebuilt with the following components

• Weber 40 IDA 3C carburetors

• Mahle Andial RSR 10:1 pistons & cylinders

• Solex camshafts

• Carrera hydraulic tensioners

• Cylinder heads rebuilt by EBS with 36mm intake ports

• PMO intake manifolds; height 98mm, inlet 40mm, outlet 36 mm

• Getty Design carbon fiber fan shroud

• Rennline stainless steel fan housing strap and RSR engine mount

• SSI header heat exchangers

• Dansk sport muffler, 2-in-1 out

• High torque starter

• Patrick Motorsports RSR lightweight flywheel

• Sachs clutch, release bearing, bolts

• Wevo engine and transmission mounts

• Clewett spark plug wires

• Electromotive Xdi twin-plug ignition system

• Holley electric 12-125 Billet fuel pump

• Elephant Racing fender-mounted oil cooler system and plumbing kit with crossover pipe and thermostat

• Tarett Billet upper and lower 996 twin-plug valve cover set

• Rothsport Billet fan belt pulley

• Clewett Billet crankshaft pulley with Xdi ignition trigger wheel and pick up sensor

• Clewett Billet distributer hole plug

W​hat creates the standing ovations...

W​hat creates the standing ovations...

....and it is paired to a 901 5-speed manual gearbox with the following drivetrain and “four corners” upgrades

• Tarett 22mm front and rear hollow tubular adjustable sway bars

• Sanders Engineering hollow torsion bars, front 21mm and rear 27mm

• Turbo tie rods and heim joint end links

• Elephant Racing strut top camber bushing, sport hardness

• Elephant Racing decambered front ball joints

• Elephant Racing rear CamberMax kit

• Elephant Racing rear spring plate mount reinforcement panels

• Elephant Racing thru-body front swaybar reinforcement kit

• Elephant Racing QuickChange rear spring plate

• Rebel Racing rear spring plate bushings

• Aluminum 1974-1977 rear trailing arms, 911.331.513.0R and 911.331.514.0R

• Elephant Racing rear trailing arm weather-sealed monoball cartridge set

• Dansk front lower A control arms

• Rebel Racing spherical bearings for front lower control arms with self-aligning washers • Bilstein 18mm hub nut front strut housings

• Von Street front strut inserts, non-adjustable Level 1

• Von Street rear shocks, non-adjustable Level 1

• PMB rebuild of 911S alloy front brake calipers, SS pistons

• PMB rebuild of 911 M alloy rear brake calipers

• Porterfield RS4 brake pads

• Freshly plated E-brake hardware, rear wheel bearings, reinforcement

• Four 16×7″ Fuchs 951 wheels with Billet alloy center caps

Fabrication and assembly"

· aluminum deck lid and hood are from Jenna at Sierra Madre parts

· Jim Ghahremani did some of the aluminum work

· Chris Parr CP Custom and fabrication did some of the welding

· Jason Adams and his son Kyle at California Porsche assembled the car

The laws of synergy certainly are at work in Marks “outlaw aria” automotive composition as the sum of his vision and attention to quality and detail is considerably greater than the parts and Mark’s ’71 Longhood is garnering rightful attention, respect and awe among the considerably “Porsche-centric” Southern California community.

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