An outlaw in texas

2y ago


While at the TejasTreffen in Houston, Texas, a celebration of Porsche design, art, and culture, I had the pleasure of riding shotgun in a rare and unique 1971 911 with a 3.2 liter Andial engine block built by Jerry Woods.

Early Saturday morning graffiti run in Houston

This beautiful car looks as if it came straight off the showroom floor. The exterior is immaculate, and the interior proves the level of workmanship and care that went into building this glowing example of one of the world's most recognizable automobile designs.

Getting coffee prior to our graffiti run

Expert craftsmanship with factory materials show up in every nook and cranny

Every detail of the interior shows attention to design aesthetic and weight savings

Following a 993 Turbo S while on the Houston graffiti run

See more about this elegant beast and its owner, Antonio Kawage, on Instagram @r_elfer

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