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1y ago

Hey everyone. It's been a while since I last posted something here. Things have been changing in the background in my personal life, but also with this ongoing global pandemic, I feel that I needed to update the 5 of you, or so, out there who follow me.

First of all, I am doing alright. I recently got engaged back in January, and things were ramping up for the big day, which will happen late summer of next year. Up until a couple weeks ago, I've been focused on my career path and the job that I do, and haven't really found the time to post anything.

With that said, I got laid off from my job, thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. I have applied for Employment Insurance, and if you are Canadian, you know that with EI, you also automatically qualify with the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit, or CERB.

My family is fine, my fiance is fine, and everyone who I personally know are doing fine. We are maintaining social/physical distancing, and frequent proper handwashing, in efforts to continue to flatten/plank the curve.

I read the news everyday, and all I see is the constant news of this virus. This is after all a global pandemic in a massive scale, and with this going on, our behaviours had to change. Our way of life had to adjust and adapt to the current restrictions in place by our governments. Every major sports leagues have either suspended their seasons, postponed their season openers, or even cancelled various events. When those announcements were made back in in the middle of March 2020, and knowing that there were cases growing rapidly in Europe and North America, I knew this would affect everything in our lives, and I mean everything.

Even reading up on the reduction of traffic globally, pollution has been cut significantly, because we are ordered to stay at home unless we need groceries, doctor's appointments, or if you're an essential worker. Already, we are seeing changes around the world, with the reduction in traffic, and in some places, near abandonment of places that are normally packed with people, such as Times Square for example. All eerily empty.

These are tough times for everyone, but I know that we as humans can pull through. If we all work together as a team by remaining at home inside, the sooner we can get our lives back together. We don't want to further burden any of our health care workers who are at the frontlines day in, day out, night in, night out. This is a war against this virus, and they are our soldiers fighting for people's lives. I can't imagine the horrors they are going through all around the world, so I am going to say, thank you to all of our front line workers, from nurses, doctors, and paramedics, to police officers and firefighters. A big thank you to retail workers who are going through this time, making sure we have the food and supplies we need in our homes. A big thank you to our transportation industry personnel, from truck drivers, railroad workers, and cargo ship workers, to warehouse distributors and delivery drivers. A big thank you to critical services personnel, who make sure our utilities are running, from power lines, gas lines, water and waste, to telecommunications and service personnel maintaining those services.

We can only hope that this will blow over very soon, and the only to do that is if we remain inside our homes and not be in close contact with anyone outside. If you have to, maintain that 2 m/6 ft distance between each other, and frequent hand washing.

Take care, and stay safe! Hopefully the next time I update this post, we will be out of this, or close to it. Until next time!


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