An Update on the Hyundai Santa Cruz:

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Hyundai came out with their Santa Cruz cross-over pick-up truck concept back in 2015 but nothing much was heard of it since. To our surprise, Hyundai came up with some information about it on 2nd December 2018.

What Hyundai says about it?

What Hyundai says about it?

Luc Donckerwolke, the head of design confirmed that the model is finally under development and is expected to soon go under production. A spokesperson from Hyundai quoted that Santa Cruz has ‘captured the emotion’ of Hyundai's customers, dealers, and employees and that they will have more to say about the truck—but not yet.

Moreover, they note it as an unconventional pick-up more suited for the present generation who don’t need as much utility as they get in full-size SUVs. That’s why, they preferred calling it a crossover pickup. They described it similar to the models like Subaru Baja.

What it exactly is?

What it exactly is?

As described by the company itself, its a crossover pickup and its desirable for urban use. Compared to full-sized pickups, its much more compact and has a short bed, which positively decreases it’s utility. It also comes with a pair of suicide doors.


Hyundai Santa Cruz gets a direct competition to Honda Ridgeway. However, Ford Ranger and the twin Chevrolet pickups (Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon) will be a competition as well. Not to mention the Toyota Tacoma, which will also find itself rivaling Santa Cruz. Moreover, it’ll be good to expect a similar model from Kia Motors in the European and other markets thanks to their ongoing trial at strengthening the SUV range.



A turbo-diesel 2-litre inline-four engine producing a power output of 190 bhp and a torque output of 406 Nm with an expected mileage of ~12-14 km/l was used in the concept. However, Hyundai announced that the new Santa Fe will have a 2.2-litre turbo-diesel inline-four so the same engine can also be expected in Santa Cruz. The concept was AWD but the base models will be FWD.

Other Details:

Santa Cruz concept launched in 2015 later became the underpinnings of the present generation Tucson launched the same year. Its halfway through it’s life and is expected to get a new generation in 2021 and that’s when Santa Cruz can also be expected to launch with identical technicalities and specifications. Maybe they simultaneously get launched. A Kia car of the same niche is also expected to join along with this, probably following it after an year or two. The Hyundai Santa Cruz will be a car worth waiting for its something unique, especially for the F-150, Ram and Silverado dominated USA

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