- Credit- Jake Whitehouse

An update on the Octavia

Which you've probably never seen on here before.

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Hi all, we brought this car in October 2019 and have really enjoyed our time with it. These times have been tough but the Skoda has pulled through and been, brilliant. I will admit, its had its issues but that's not really down to the car (I could absolutely shred the dealer we bought it from but I wont and I wont point the blame either.)

Credit- Jake Whitehouse

Credit- Jake Whitehouse

The Ups, and the downs.

From day one the car was awesome, and we all loved it. It was relatively quick being the 2.0 TDI 150 model, just for reference the Ford Focus before was a 1.0 Litre 3 pot turbo with 125 bhp, and it really does pull like a train. It's comfy, maybe it doesn't have Fords witchcraft suspension which is brilliant but its still on the correct side of firm. The interior is great with more than enough room in the back for me, and my Dad (6ft) can sit behind the drivers seat with it in his position. The quality of all the materials is great, although the plastics in the back are hard but they don't feel cheap. However, in January 2021 things went downhill. We had an issue with the aircon for the SECOND car in a row and the auto dimming lights had a fault. The dealership weren't a Skoda specialist (like DM Keith if your from the UK) in fact we got it from a KIA dealer. For a while it was back and forth until finally we had the air con sorted (and we got a top spec KIA Xceed for the week which was cool.) The second issue is still here to this day and who knows if it'll get fixed. Luckily, this was all covered by the warranty we got from the dealer and nothing else has happened since. I suppose its better than the Ford which nearly overheated after a gentle motorway cruise.

Credit- Jake Whitehouse

Credit- Jake Whitehouse

What's happening next?

Firstly, it wont be at least another 6 months before this leaves us, mainly because my Mum wouldn't be impressed if we only had it for a year and a half (2 is the minimum unless it absolutely shocking which has happened before.) In the short term its going to need tires in about 3 months, and we plan to do a full detail by ourselves at home which is very exciting. We have been buying some new kit to do it so that won't be too far away. In terms of what we would replace it with, I really don't know. Probably another VW group car or something German with around 190bhp: Skoda Superb, VW Passat, Audi A4, BMW 3 Series or VW Tiguan. I'm going to try and work my magic on the used car market to see what there is, Mazda 6's and CX5's keep appearing on my searches so that's a possibility. We'll have to see.

Thanks a lot for reading, hope you enjoyed. Let me know if there's anything else you want to see on this car and I'll try and make it happen.

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